Thailand to lift state of emergency in Bangkok 

Thailand’s government is to lift a state of emergency in Bangkok and surrounding provinces because anti-government protesters have become less active, a senior security official said on Tuesday.

The government set the 60-day emergency from Jan 22 to help contain protests in the run-up to a general election on Feb 2, but most of its measures were barely used, especially after a court ruled on Feb 19 that some had been imposed illegally.”

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China bans weapon exports to N Korea (BBC) 

Western powers have previously criticised China for not rigorously enforcing UN sanctions imposed on North Korea because of its nuclear programme, the BBC’s Martin Patience in Beijing reports.

However, relations between Beijing and Pyongyang have been seriously strained in recent months, our correspondent adds.”

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Forget the B-2s over Seoul, worry more that the Pentagon sent THAADs to Guam (Foreign Policy) 

The Pentagon announced on Wednesday it was sending the mobile, land-based missile defense system THAAD (Terminal High Altitude Area Defense) to Guam. It’s the latest sign the U.S. believes North Korea may indeed launch a missile — perhaps even a nuclear-tipped missile — across the Western Pacific at a U.S. military target.

The truck-mounted missile system is designed to shoot down short- and medium-range ballistic missiles within 250 kilometers, serving as an umbrella system for large theaters of operation. It is also able to target missiles outside the atmosphere, giving it a higher range than the Patriot system.”

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Video: Swedish plane bombs Belarus with teddy bears (NATO Source) 

"On 4 July, Swedish amateur pilots penetrated Belarus’ airspace according to an email received by Belarus Digest. Their small aircraft crossed the Lithuanian-Belarusian border and parachuted hundreds of teddy-bears with notes of support for the freedom of speech. Covered by some Belarusian and Swedish media, but denied by the Belarusian authorities, the flight has generated more publicity than some of the pro-democracy initiatives by civil society groups and the EU in Belarus."

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Foreigners not eligible for exotic dance job (Hürriyet) 

“’If there’s a risk of exploitation, a risk of human trafficking for that individual, then we’re going to protect that individual and say no,’[Canadian Human Resources Minister, Diane Finley] said.”

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U.S.-sanctioned Chinese firm wins Turkey missile defense system tender (Reuters) 

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Who exactly ordered those destroyers against Korea? (Foreign Policy) 

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Nobody Home at the State Department (Foreign Policy) 

"Two months into Secretary of State John Kerry’s tenure, a large number of senior State Department positions remain vacant, and the process to fill them seems indefinitely stalled, officials inside the department tellThe Cable.

When Kerry’s predecessor, Hillary Clinton, came into office, she negotiated for herself 100 percent control over State Department appointments and largely kept Obama campaign officials at arms’ length. Kerry has no such deal with the White House, and his office is only one voice in a White House-managed appointment process that is moving as slowly as molasses, several State Department officials and insiders say.”

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NATO nixes Syria action plan (Hürriyet) 

NATO rejected Turkey’s request for the adoption of a contingency plan to include the establishment a no-fly zone over Syrian airspace, which was made during a meeting last week in Brussels after Turkey invoked Article Four of the NATO Treaty in response to Syria’s downing of a Turkish jet in international airspace. “

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Syrian military says it downed Turkish fighter jet (BBC) 

"A spokesman said the plane, an F-4 Phantom, was dealt with ‘according to the laws that govern such situations’, the state news agency Sana said.

The Turkish prime minister said his country would ‘take the necessary steps’ once all the facts were known.

The Turkish and Syrian navies are meanwhile engaged in a joint search for the two missing crew members.”

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