Iran Defends Atomic Activities, Backs Potential Talks ( 

Iran has no intention of compromising its ‘rights’ to pursue atomic activities disputed by Western powers, but it is prepared to join new discussions with other governments, senior Iranian nuclear negotiator Saeed Jalili told the European Union in a written communication last week.

Iran can rejoin further dialogue ‘as soon as you are ready,’ Reuters quoted Jalili as saying in the Sept. 6 letter to EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton. ‘The Islamic Republic of Iran believes that a just negotiation and talk is the only way to remove existing misunderstandings in all areas.’

Tehran could collaborate with other capitals in eliminating and preventing the spread of weapons, according to the statement. The document does not refer to calls by the International Atomic Energy Agency for Iran to clarify indications that it is developing nuclear-capable missile; the Middle Eastern nation has maintained the allegation relies on falsified supporting material.”

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